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Basic PBX Extensions
  • SIP Trunks
  • Voicemail  
  • Call Transfers  
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Detail Records (CDR) 
  • Eavesdrop 
  • Do Not Disturb  
  • Follow Me 
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Business PBX Extensions
  • Basic PBX features +
  • Digital Receptionist (IVR) 
  • Music on Hold 
  • Time Conditions
  • Pin Numbers  
  • Voicemail to Email 
  • Ring Groups
  • Call blocking
  • Add to cart
Enterprise PBX Extensions
  • Business PBX features + 
  • Call Centre Agents 
  • Call Recording  
  • Call Queuing 
  • Call Broadcast  
  • Web Fax Machine  
  • Queue Reporting
  • Operator Panel   
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Through the Afriphone app, Cloud Telecoms enables your customers to connect mobile devices and makes them fully reachable via a PBX extension wherever their jobs may find them.
Voice over Internet Protocol ensures traveling employees can make use of the platform and all its features providing they getconnected to a Wi-Fi or IP network in the host country.
Easy access to our management and admin portals which allows the flexibility to adjust call routing, change extensions, add handsets and more, on demand. No more submitting of tickets and calling off-shore call centers for help.
Are you used to spend a fortune on calling overseas? Manage your wallet wisely – make cheap international calls with Cloud Telecoms airtime. Call India, Ethiopia and any other country. International dialing has never been easier!  Call abroad whenever you need!
Every dropped call is a hit to efficiency, sales and precious time. Cloud Telecoms offers one of the most stable and reliable platforms for business calling. With minimum of call interruptions or failures and a constantly improving service.  Cloud Telecoms offers business people an unrivaled vehicle for their communication needs. 

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